Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pitching Blogs

1) http://www.prsa.org/_Publications/magazines/0802news1.asp -This in an article that discusses the recent phenomenon of blogs. It also talks about trying to reach the right audience when using them for the dispersal of information.
2) http://www.network-centricadvocacy.net/2005/05/pitching_blogs_.html - Here, blogs are discussed in a way as political campaigns. Blogs are still a channel that is testing the limits of use.
3) http://technoflak.blogspot.com/2005/01/how-to-pitch-bloggers_30.html -This is a very good site that tells you how to pitch blogs. They give people a chance to say what many journalists will not.
4) http://ringblog.typepad.com/corporatepr/2003/10/tips_for_pitchi.html -This is written by a journalist and gives tips on how to make a good pitch for a blog. She talks about how a pitch should be original, to the point, tied to a current issue, and use names if possible.
5) http://prblog.typepad.com/strategic_public_relation/2004/10/pitch_blogs_wit.html -This article tells the reader to use caution when pitching blogs. A bad pitch can get negative attention.
6) http://www.globalprblogweek.com/archives/the_pr_lessons_of_a_.php -This site gives an example of a pitching blog and the ways it could be improved. It also compares bloggers to journalists.
7) http://www.newstips.org/interior.php?section=PR+Tips+Sub&main_id=638This site also gives some tips for pitching a blog. Much of this writer’s emphasis relies on being truthful.
8) http://www.nickdenton.org/001096.html -This describes blogs as a new medium with a new approach. This is written for the Public Relations Society of America and advises to use caution when attempting a blog pitch.
9) http://www.internettime.com/jayblog/archives/000783.html -This talks about blogs as providing new opportunities for PR. The blog should be viewed more like a conversation than a pitch.
10) http://adactio.com/journal/378/ -This supplies a list of extracts from an article written by the PRSA. They are all about bloggers.
11) http://trailfire.com/JesseCiccone/trailview/13237 -Here there are many tips given on how to create a good pitch. It also talks about the fact that many pitchers believe audiences are interested in the topic until said otherwise.
12) http://blogmarks.net/marks/tag/pitching+blogsThis gives blogger advice from PR expert, Lee Odden. Getting blogs to cover your news can be tough.
13) http://www.toprankblog.com/2005/10/blogs-and-public-relations/ -This is a good tool for figuring out what sites your intended audience reads. It also includes a survey of public relations firms.
14) http://www.natterjackpr.com/2004/11/03.html -Here, it is emphasized that blogs are an excellent form of outreach. There are all different kinds and they all offer the opportunity to have conversation.
15) http://brandcentralstation.blogspot.com/2004/10/pitching-blogs-dos-and-donts.html -Here are some pitching blogs do’s and don’ts. It also makes clear that one must understand a society’s needs when approaching them with a new media.
16) http://newcommforum.typepad.com/newcomm_forum/eu_sessions.html -Here, blogging is discussed in terms of journalism and branding. It also gives information about a workshop available to get your own blog started
17) http://newcommforum.typepad.com/newcomm_forum/eu_sessions.html -This is a good tool for understanding how blogging and traditional PR intersect. It also gives links to other sites that can help ou track a particular audience on the web.
18) http://trylonsmr.com/Newsletter/004trylon/issue2/article1.htm -This is an article that talks about the different opportunities made available for public relations with the introduction of the blog. It also discusses how to pitch to the right audience.
19) http://www.brianoberkirch.com/wp-mobile.php?p=246&more=1This discusses the importance of keeping blogs editor and filter free in order to have the ability to contradict what the press says. It also gives some tips on how to make a good pitch.
20) http://www.ryananderson.ca/tags/blog-relations/ -This is a very good article about blog relations. It emphasizes that readers want honesty and good conversation.


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